Unexpected exit

Most exits are well planned but sometimes things happen which cause you to have to make a quick exit - in which case there are few things that might help you make the most of it despite the circumstances...

Your business partner dies; a dramatic change of personal circumstances occurs; you get an unexpected offer for your business: all these things (and plenty more) can happen which cause you to have to rapidly rethink your exit. Each situation requires particular thinking but there are some generally useful things to bear in mind and consider when confronted by rapid and unexpected change. Firstly, do not lose sight of the big picture - you had a plan and it is always worth considering to what extend the immediate change has to alter that plan. Secondly, be positive - the old adage that as one door closes another opens so often applies to the unexpected exit. Ask yourself what can you gain from the exit that you could not have had under your original plan.
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Published On: 09/11/2015

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